Best Proxies for Streaming

best proxies

According to market predictions, the live streaming market will grow to $534.37 billion by 2030. This translates to a compound annual growth rate of 29.3% over the forecast period.

So, what is a proxy server? A proxy server is an online service running on an application that enables the system to request on its behalf.

The best proxies serve as a mediator between a client and the service. In this case, the client is your electronic device, and the service refers to the website you want to browse.

The proxy server can help you hide or modify your IP address when visiting the website. This article provides an ultimate review of the best video streaming proxies you should know about.


This proxy server is often used for streaming videos on restricted websites. The United States server is the most praised proxy server for the 000FreeProxy.

This explains the main reason behind the famous nature of the 000FreeProxy. You can safely visit any blocked online sites you want as if you were viewing them from the U.S.

With 000FreeProxy, you enjoy various features. These include disallowing cookies, removing JavaScript, and disabling images.

Besides, you can decide whether or not to display the URL of the pages, force base64 encoding, and hide the title of your search page.

This is an entirely free-of-charge proxy server for video streaming sites. You can use this proxy server for high-quality video streaming alongside traditional web browsing.

Besides using a CGI proxy, ports have special firewall protection. This makes the detection of the website IP addresses very hard for the usual filters to detect and block.

Users enjoy a complete state of anonymity when browsing using That way, your online activity remains practically invisible, allowing you to pass all filters unnoticed.


CyberGhost is one of the best free video streaming proxies. The CyberGhost proxy server mainly boosts the users’ privacy and protection online.

Further, it’s among the best proxies for unblocking block contents on video streaming sites. CyberGhost helps all users to allow anonymous browsing online.

Besides easy installation, this proxy server provides the feature of hiding your IP addresses and HTTPS connections. The CyberGhost proxy server doesn’t require technical expertise, and you get a wide range of locations.


This is among the video streaming proxies that protect users’ privacy and personal information. You don’t have to worry about having an app or subscription to use this proxy server.

You’ll still enjoy secure online streaming and maintain your online identity secured. A key benefit of using Anonymouse is the ability to access text-heavy video streaming sites.

Still, the performance aspect of this proxy server is debatable. While most websites use HTTPS, the Anonymouse proxy doesn’t work with this security protocol.

Also, those using Anonymouse free service must be willing to withstand the proxy’s free service slow speed. But you can choose a paid subscription to Anonymouse unlocks for full speed and a host of other services.

Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is one of the best proxies you can find for online video streaming activities. Most online users review this proxy server among the best when seeking anonymous viewing and video streaming.

Hide My Ass proxy server first became availed to the market in 2005. Since then, various hackers have persistently targeted and taken down its servers.

Hide My Ass servers have maintained their relevance over time despite the hurdles. This speaks volumes about the credibility and determination of this proxy server.

You can also use the Hide My Ass proxy server for YouTube and other video streaming sites.

Among the famous proxies used for viewing blocked video content is The proxy has dedicated servers running anonymizing codes that crawl for the users’ IP addresses.

Besides hiding these IP addresses, allows them to blend in with the traffic already accessing the video streaming site. So, as a user, you can securely browse any website you want and not worry about blocking or detection.

This proxy server works excellently for many nations that limit access to YouTube. Such countries include Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and China.

Identity theft has grown to become a big problem in the society we live in today. So, The Pirate Bay, a popular torrent website, officially released its proxy website to help prevent identity theft.

By doing so, Piratebayproxy allows you secured anonymity. This comes in handy when you want to view blocked content and videos.

Online banking introduced a new avenue for thieves to steal from. Still, most of the time, these thieves won’t have an interest in your money.

These thieves will mostly try to steal your private data. This helps them impersonate another person while participating in fraud.

Identity thieves will try using phishing tactics to steal your private information. Using the best proxies like Piratebayproxy will significantly reduce your risk of online identity theft.

Various countries deny citizens full access to popular video streaming sites like YouTube. This special proxy server can work well for residents of such countries as China and Pakistan.

This type of proxy has servers built to handle large packets of data anonymously and speedily. Also, users enjoy the added advantage of browsing other blocked video streaming and social media platforms.

Under normal circumstances, these platforms would take ages to access due to poor proxy server speed.

Using the Best Proxies

If you want to get the most out of your proxy server, download the right proxy. You can then fill out your credentials, register, and make payments.

The best proxies will provide you with a variety of options to choose from, depending on your needs and budget.

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