Best Proxy Sites Based on Your Industry

best proxy sites

Trying to stay anonymous online? Want to visit sites that are blocked or banned? If you do, you’re not alone.

Using a reliable free proxy site is the best way to navigate around the internet safely and secretly. Many internet users search for the best proxy sites each day, but with all of the options out there, it can be difficult to know which one to turn to.

Not sure where to begin? Keep reading to learn what a proxy site is and to get examples of the best sites for data scraping, P2P file sharing, social media use, and more depending on your industry.

What Is a Proxy Site?

A proxy site, also called a proxy server, acts as a gateway between the user and the internet. It can separate you from the websites you visit, offering varying degrees of security, functionality, and privacy.

When a computer connects to the internet, it has an IP address, which is similar to your home address. The IP address tells incoming data where to go while also marking outgoing data with the address so that others can authenticate  it. To protect you, the proxy site provides its own IP address, blocking others from seeing your computer’s.

People turn to proxy servers for many reasons, but companies can also use them. They can help:

  • Improve security
  • Balance internet traffic, preventing crashes
  • Control websites employees use in the office
  • Secure employees’ internet use
  • Save bandwidth by compressing incoming traffic

It is also an excellent tool to help your company access blocked resources. Many countries have restrictions on who can access information, but a proxy site can help you bypass them.

How to Choose a Proxy Server

To find the right proxy server in your industry, the first thing you need to identify is what kind of proxy site you need. There are many types of options, including:

  • Transparent proxy
  • Anonymous proxy
  • High anonymity proxy
  • Distorting proxy

Each option has its pros and cons. By identifying what you need the proxy site for, you can make a better decision on the type you need.

You need to find a reliable seller. Read customer reviews to see if they offer quality services in the price range you need.

Free proxies can seem like a good idea but many come with encryption and serious security risks. Don’t base your decision solely on the price.

Best Proxy Sites for the Health Industry

Keeping patient information is a serious concern for the health industry. These proxy sites can help prevent security breaches.


This award-winning proxy site offers three kinds of proxies: residential, datacenter, and dedicated DC proxies. It allows you to bypass geography restrictions while also helping you scrape competitive data so that you can scale your business.

It is a proxy option you can use with any type of browser, software, scraper, or device. It also offers the fastest setup out there, as well as reliable 24/7 support.

Datacenter proxy plans start at $30 a month and offer hundreds of US and UK IPs to use. You can send unlimited concurrent requests and get the data you need in seconds.


HMA helps protect your business’s information, which is essential in the healthcare industry. It offers fully encrypted servers, P2P-optimized servers, and the ability to connect as many as five servers at the same time.

It also offers a smart kill switch. This feature switches off your internet automatically if there is a security risk. The smart kill switch makes it easier to protect your data and location. 

Plans start at $4.99 per month, but you can save 58% if you choose yearly billing.

Best Proxy Sites for the Business Industry

To grow your business, you need to have secure access to the information you need while also ensuring you can manage bandwidth traffic. These proxy sites can help.

Bright Star

This proxy service can accumulate more than 72 million IP addresses. It can offer residential IPs, mobile IPs, and static addresses. You can use it with Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Bright start optimizes your company’s bandwidth usage and can exclude specific IPs, while also offering ad verification features. Gathering data is also simple, as is SEO monitoring and brand protection.

Bright Start offers a trial for businesses and provides 24/7 account management and customer service. It offers a rate of $12.50 per GB.

Fortune 500 companies opt for this proxy server.


BeeProxy is considered to be one of the leading proxy sites for individual use as well as for companies. It offers services across the globe, with data center proxies spread throughout major countries.

The number of proxy packages BeeProxy offers can allow you to find the exact option for your business. The service also provides fast customer service, and all of its proxies are stable.

Not only does BeeProxy offer an easy set-up, but it also provides fast connection speeds and highly anonymous HTTP and HTTPS proxies. 

Residential proxy starts at $18.00 per GB while 4G mobile proxy starts at $30.00 per GB.

Best Proxy Sites for the Technology Industry

Businesses in the technology industry need access to huge amounts of data quickly and safely. These proxy servers can provide that and more.


To gather data from ecommerce platforms, job boards, real estate listings, and more, ScrapeOwl scraping API is a must-have tool. Upon registration, the API tool gives you a key. To begin using it, all you have to do is include a target URL to the key.

ScrapeOwl also allows users to immediately add custom elements to get more targeted results. It can also block specific page elements, like tracking scripts or images.

ScrapeOwl offers automatic proxy rotation and it supports Javascript rendering, as well as geo-targeting.

You can choose from three pricing options, including Startups for $29 per month, businesses for $99 per month, and custom plans.


OxyLabs offers a real-time crawler, residential proxies, and a data center. It can work efficiently for brand protection, market research, ad verification, and sales intelligence.

OxyLabs has over two million proxies and since they are not at the disposal of many users at the same time, they are all fast. The company promises an uptime rate of 99% but it also makes accessing customer support easy.

Not only does OxyLabs make it easy to avoid IP bans but it can also let you bypass CAPTCHAs. For people in search of a data collection tool that can gather data in real-time, this is the proxy to choose.

Pricing depends on the types of proxies you choose. Datacenter proxy prices are based on the number of IPs, which ranges from $180 per month to $5,000 if you choose the Enterprise plan.

The scraper API also comes with price tiers ranging from $99 to $10,000 per month.

The residential proxy prices depend on the amount of traffic. The Starter package is $300 per month, the Business package is $600 per month, the Corporate package is $900 per month, and the Enterprise package is $5,000 per month.


Froxy offers residential and mobile proxies, with up to 1,000 connections at the same time and all available at high speeds.

Froxy features a simple dashboard and 24/7 customer support. It offers automatic proxy rotation and a wide array of geolocations, which can help you avoid CAPTCHAs and IP bans.

This service lets you enter a pool of more than 8.5 million IPs from over 200 countries and all without worrying about unstable service.

Mobile plans start at $90 per month, while residential plans start at $60 per month.

Best Proxy Sites for the Social Media Industry

If you work in the social media industry, you need fast and dependable proxy sites like the ones below.

The Social Proxy

This is one of the newest mobile proxy services on the market. It is excellent for social media botting use. It does not require a P2P network.

The Social Proxy is well-suited for social media account management and automation. The company owns the residential and mobile proxies they offer, which is rare. With a responsive customer support team and fast proxy speeds, this is a leading option.

You can get a 24-hour free trial and their most popular plan is the Residential Start with pricing at $150 per month.


Aside from offering data center proxies, SSLPrivateProxy is a great option for social media.

The dedicated data center proxies are fast, secure, and reliable, and they work best for social media, ad listings, and ecommerce. SSLPrivateProxy offers more than 300,000 proxies, which is a large amount in the industry.

They have a refund policy, excellent customer service, and offer two-factor authentication support.

Instagram proxies begin at $2.68 per month, classified ad proxies begin at $3.60 per month, and Pinterest proxies start at $2.24 per month.

Keep Your Business Safe and Efficient

Being able to access data from all over the world in a safe manner is essential for any business. Whether you work in the healthcare industry, social media industry, or anything in between, the best proxy sites can ensure your information is protected and that there are no restrictions to worry about.

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