Bright Data Review

In a Nutshell

Bright Data is a proxy network and advanced data collection tool. It is used by more than 500 top-notch companies. It is a tool that is trusted by thousands of data professionals to collect live data from any website. You can choose the data collection methods or create a new one for yourself. The Bright Data business proxy network is the most powerful way to browse anonymously from across the globe.

In a Nutshell

Best Used For

Bright Data is best known for its proxy-based services which are used for browsing anonymously. It also provides tools for data collections from the websites which can be used for data analytics. The bright data also has extensions for different browsers. The proxy services are available for residential proxies, data center proxies, and mobile proxies.

Why choose bright data?

Bright Data offers a solution for browsing security for unprotected networks. It provides an advanced rotating residential proxy network and the largest real-time P2P IP network in the world. It masks you by connecting to 72 million-plus IPs in the world. With the fastest response time, Bright Data provides the first ISP IPs network that allows you to own real IPs in multiple countries across the world. The search engine crawler is useful for analyzing real user search results, for any keyword, on any search engine. It also provides the best-in-class data collection services at affordable pricing. The residential proxy is priced as low as $3.00/GB You can visit for more information. Data scraping is growing every day. It allows companies to quickly perform their daily operations by providing automated intelligent tools that make it possible for marketers and online retailers to extract the most accurate data.

Bright Data- Pros and Cons


Provides the fastest residential IP Proxies in the world. It has a legitimate and secure residential P2P network. It has the largest proxy network with 35 million IPs spread across 200 countries. No Blocking of IP Unlimited Bandwidth for continued usage. Variable pricing for all sorts of users. 99% Uptime and Very Low Fail Rate Search Engine Crawler Web Unlocker


Absence of a dashboard
Location Searching for a city is difficult.
Slightly higher price

Customer Support

Bright Data has a very good round-the-clock support team. It provides support via Chat, Email, Skype, and Other contact options. Customer managers have dedicated servers around the world. They also provide 24X7 support, hence there would be a seamless connection.

Where do the residential IPs come from?

Hola, one of the sister companies provides VPN for home users. It can transmit traffic as a proxy node for Bright Data users. They can’t be deceived or blocked, and the Hola network provides more personalized service through its IP address.


Data Centre Proxies start from $0.40/IP ISP Proxies starts from $3.00/GB Residential Proxies also start from $3.00/GB Mobile Proxies $15.00/GB Data Collector begins from $0.50/CPM