CyberGhost VPN Review

In a Nutshell

  • CyberGhost is a cheap but Premium VPN. It also ranks under the top five VPNs in the market. But Is it safe to use? What functionality does it offer? Does it hurt your wallet?

    We will try to find out answers to all the questions related to CyberGhost VPN.

    At only $2.15/month, it is one of the most affordable VPNs on the market. But as is the case with so many cheap VPNs, you get what you pay for. Let’s analyze the different features and plans of CyberGhost VPN.

    CyberGhost is a safe choice given its great usability and to unblock your favorite streaming platforms. Plus, it offers one of the longest money-back guarantee periods of any other VPN. You have 45 days to test it out and can request a full refund within that timeframe if you think it is not suitable for you.

    We researched CyberGhost itself as well as all the features and services to determine if it can be recommended securely. We also looked at its server network, speeds, streaming and torrent support, and additional compatible features to see how user-friendly it is.

Unblock Geo-Restrictions

CyberGhost is a VPN that allows you to watch videos from popular Netflix, Disney+, HBO MAX, and HULU. There were no issues watching these videos despite being blocked in certain countries. We couldn’t access any of the services listed as “Not available in your region.” It took a few trial-and-error tries to unblock them, but we got them all working with no problems. The only sites we couldn’t unblock were SkyTV, ITV, Channel 4, and DAZN.

CyberGhost provides high-quality, reliable servers with optimized streaming for the perfect experience. Whether you’re watching movies or live sport, it’s easy to find the best CyberGhost server for you.

The “For streaming” option will show you all of the servers designed for particular services. The optimized server was the most reliable way to unblock various sites and the speed never dipped below a standard stream. I could unblock many others using a standard server, but my speeds were almost always slower. It simplifies testing as these specialized servers remove a lot of trial-and-error from the experience

Internet Speed

For streaming, playing games, and hiding from the government, We found that CyberGhost had fast speeds. Sometimes connections were too slow to do anything without interruptions, or sometimes it was really great. We could still play games, and watch movies without issues that adversely affected our experience. To keep the results consistent, we did the CyberGhost set to the IKEv2 protocol.

For the most part, the speeds dropped as the servers got farther away. However, there were some inconsistencies. We started by recording my speeds without the VPN connected. Then we used the Best Server Location feature (it automatically finds you the best server based on latency, speed, and distance). You can expect a 10-25% slowdown in your connection speed when using a VPN. The VPN scrambles the data so it can’t be collected and redirected, and encryption takes time (you’ll only see a 10-25% drop in your download speed when using even the fastest VPNs).

CyberGhost for Gaming?

In online games, the ping rate affects how quickly commands register. When your ping time is long, you’ll find it a lot harder to win even when you’re skilled at a game in competitive play. Furthermore, it isn’t fun when you skillfully play a game and constantly lose due to a bad connection.

It showed inconsistent latencies while playing different games. CyberGhost offers services to help us play online. Its local servers can handle online games, but the international server still has a few lags. We would need to see more consistency across its network in the future before recommending it as a top VPN for gamers.

Server Network

CyberGhost has a worldwide network of 7,360 servers in 90 locations. It means your chances of finding a fast connection are higher because there’s most likely a server close by. I was impressed that CyberGhost had 1,100+ servers in the US alone — but there’s also a lot of coverage in Australia, Canada, and Europe. While some percentage of its servers are virtually located, it still offers a lot of hard-to-reach locations. Its specialized servers provide extra security and better performance. It also covers a lot of hard-to-reach locations as well.

CyberGhost has servers located all over the world in physical locations and it’s transparent about which ones are. For example, you can connect to a virtual Virtual Location like Saudi Arabia from anywhere else with an IP address that matches the location of that respective server. Virtual servers are a great way to provide a fast and reliable connection in places that would otherwise be difficult for VPNs (or where government interference would ruin the service). However, those servers do slow down the speed more often and can sometimes even lower the ping.

Dedicated IP system

CyberGhost now offers dedicated IPs for an equal payment of $5 a month. This decreases the price to $4 a month on the annual plan (with 14 months extra for free). You can give CyberGhost your hard-earned money, get a unique IP address, and ensure that your internet actions won’t be blocked by various sites because of other people’s misuse of the VPN.

NoSpy Servers

The NoSpy servers are located in a private data centre and are inaccessible to anyone outside of the CyberGhost team. There’s no third-party involvement, so there’s significantly less risk for possible man-in-the-middle attacks when torrenting. Make sure you’re on your NoSpy servers on Windows, macOS, and iOS so you can enjoy maximum security whether you’re at home or on the go.


CyberGhost support is available 24/7 on mail and chat. They have dedicated support for each individual issue. Their technical team is quite supportive and has in- depth knowledge of the product.


CyberGhost’s apps are user-friendly and members have no trouble accessing their favourite streaming sites around the world. Its support staff is very helpful 24/7 which makes it great as a long-term option to stream. CyberGhost offers the best security for your data, with a kill switch that helps prevent unauthorized access. Military-grade encryption and independent audits show that CyberGhost is a trustworthy option.