Oxylabs Review

In a Nutshell

Oxylabs offers web scraping automation and proxy services for data center, residential, ISP, or mobile IPs.If you’re looking to simplify your infrastructure, Oxylabs also offers three different APIs for web scraping. Here, we are going to discuss all the products and services in detail. It provides Datacenter Proxies, Residential Proxies, and Next-Gen Residential Proxies.

They have proxies across all the continents: North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia

Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies


Oxylab’s data center network consists of fast, reliable IP addresses from the best cloud hosting providers in the industry. We offer more than 2 million different IPs, making us the largest provider on the market. Oxylabs has a proxy pool that provides a competitive edge to enterprises that need to scale, and we allow them to customize the IPs according to their needs.

They offer dedicated proxy servers, which are nearly unlimited and without any connection or traffic limit. You can choose from 82 different countries and ask for specific cities. They offer a range of subnets, and they can be bought with the traditional purchase or through an add-on called Proxy Rotator.


The usual is monthly or yearly plans that charge per IP address. These plans don’t come with any self-service and the IPs are chosen based on your requests. The plans require committing at least $180/100 IPs but aren’t actually that expensive per IP as long as you only stick to the US. Moving to other locations can get additional costs.

Oxylabs Residential Proxies

Oxylab has a great pool of residential proxies and it is the main product of Oxylab. These IPs come from devices of real people that sell traffic via partner apps. With 102M monthly IP addresses, it’s by far the largest residential proxy provider network on the market.


When compared to the datacenter IPs, the residential proxies are shared and necessarily rotate. The rotation settings are rather rigid but should work for most projects. What’s impressive is the number of locations to choose from; with this big of a pool, you should find an IP in any of the locations.


Oxylabs’ residential proxies follow the standard model where you buy bandwidth for a set period of time. The cheapest plan starts at $300 which gives 20GB of data for a month. It gives you a 3-days money-back guarantee with a 7 days trial period. It is a bit overpriced if considered for small-sized businesses and individuals.

However, when you consider advanced features like city targeting, Bright Data costs you more than Oxylabs.


We tested Oxylabs’ rotating residential proxies. This test involved making more than 2 million connection requests over a period of three weeks. We have targeted a Cloudflare server in the US.

The connection requests were succeeded over 99% of the time. The response time was surprisingly good which was less than 1 second on average to a server in the US. When compared to the response time only Bright Data & Smart Proxy come near to this.

These are among the best residential proxies on the market. They’re powerful and can be used for a variety of use cases.

Oxylabs Next-Gen Residential Proxies

Oxylab’s Next-Gen Residential Proxies are technically a web scraping API that uses the regular proxy IP format. It’s built on the same infrastructure as Oxylabs’ residential IPs and outfits the addresses with additional capabilities. All you lose with this service is city-level targeting.

Next-Gen Residential Proxies use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to modify their requests so that they always work and overcome CAPTCHAs. They can render JavaScript & even intelligently parse websites with various layouts. As a result, you receive processed data with a 100% success rate.

This service is a little more expensive than regular residential IPs, but it offloads a lot of the scraping process from you. It might make sense if you don’t want to maintain your own scraping infrastructure, or if you have an existing scraping infrastructure and don’t want to be paying for residential IPs.

Web Scraping Performance

All the products in the market come with some pros and cons, and Rsocks is no dia

Oxylabs offers three web scraping APIs that are tailored for different needs. Their data scraper API can help you gather real-time data from any public website. It is simple to use and does not require any additional resources. Here are three types of Scraper Oxylabs provides.

● SERP Scraper API for search engines.
● E-commerce Scraper API for e-commerce websites.
● Web Scraper API for other websites.

All the three APIs are built upon Oxylab’s next-gen residential proxies. Their work is quite simple; just enter your crawling or scraping website and Oxylab will fetch the data in HTML, JSON, or CSV format depending on the scraper type.

The web scrapers were specifically designed to scrape challenging websites to a larger extent which includes running anti-CAPTCHA mechanisms, JavaScript, and ensuring 100% delivery.

There are different pricing tiers. Rates depend on the number of successful requests. With adaptive parsing, they can really save a lot of money on the development and maintenance of your web scraping infrastructure once you get past the integration hurdles.

fferent. It also comes with some strengths and some weak points.

Rsocks is a product I would recommend. It has some flaws, but the benefits outweigh them. Its residential proxies work well and come at a good speed. You can also change the pricing depending on your needs. Customer support is very helpful and quick which makes Rsocks a good choice for residential proxies.

Using Oxylabs

Here we are going to discuss what it is like to use Oxylabs. It includes the registration procedure, dashboard, setup, API, and browser extensions.

Registration Procedure

● For individuals, the onboarding process is very simple. Just fill out the registration form, and confirm your email. Subscribe to the cheapest residential proxy plans- they’re the only ones that allow self-service.

● For Businesses: You have to choose contact sales. This will require a few basic data like full name, business name, business type, and contact information. Afterward, a salesperson will get in touch and discuss the options with you.


Once you login into your account, you will be redirected to the dashboard. It includes five sections: one for the overview, three for proxy services, and one for your account. The residential Proxies page lets you track proxy usage, manage authorization settings, and access the public API and relevant documentation.

You can contact your account manager with a single click button via email. However, you also get a live chat support option on this page.

Overall, the dashboard covers almost every aspect. The only thing missing is a widget for setting up the residential proxies

Excellent Customer Support

Oxylabs provides each customer with a dedicated account manager. You can ask the account manager any question via email or chat. During outside hours, or when you need technical help, you can contact the customer support team. If you need help, our customer support team is available 24/7 in English, Russian, Chinese, and Lithuanian.


Oxylabs is not for all. If you fall under the niche of Oxylab’s targeted audience, their service will literally make you happy and satisfied.

It’s a selective service that doesn’t cater to everyone’s needs. They are selective towards the business users: subtle and polished. You’ll receive good service and relationship, and even more importantly – one that’s reliable. Oxylabs proxies are top-notch, and so are their scraping tools.

The entry threshold is also quite high – for Oxylabs, 50GB of residential proxies means “basic” which costs around $600. The pricing becomes much more attractive with Enterprise plans, but at that point, we’re dealing with 1TB of data or 5,000 IPs at just $5000. You can get the best proxy services with Oxylab.

In the end, if you can answer the questions: do you require the best proxy service available, and will you make full use of it? If yes, then you can carry forward with Oxylabs.