Rsocks Review

In a Nutshell

Rsocks proxies are a proxy service that specializes in providing DNS, Proxy, and More services. For those users looking to use an anonymous proxy, the Rsocks can offer a new IP whenever they want and they will also be completely safe since the data is encrypted by HTTPS protocol.

If you are looking toward buying proxies from Rsocks, then you need to read out our in-depth Rsocks proxies reviews. Go through the review and discover their functionality in the terms of web scraping, speed, IP pool, customer support, and other important details.


Rsocks began its journey as a data center proxy provider in 2016. However, sooner it diversified itself into the provision of residential proxy services providers. Our review is mainly based on their residential proxies in the article. These residential proxies are unmetered as you are latched to unlimited bandwidth. They provide decent performance in terms of speed. Their web scraping has also good performance.

You are going to like their fast chat support feature. However, you have to deal with certain issues associated with them, too – that will also be addressed later on in the article.


Rsocks Advantages


Rsocks delivers one of the best pricing models in the residential proxy market. As it is not based on bandwidth and because it is flexible and affordable. The IP-based pricing model is a plus for Rsocks users. You are allowed to use an unlimited bandwidth of the data. This is in contrast to other providers who throttle your bandwidth and can cap your concurrent connections.

They provide affordable pricing and flexibility in payments. Their services can be used on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Rsocks provide a range of plans which is around twenty in number. To give you an idea of what their pricing looks like, their normal US plan has about 1500 proxies online and will cost you $30 for a day, $150 for a week, and $600 for a monthly subscription. These are very affordable rates for a residential proxy user.

Rsocks provides Classified Residential Proxies

Rsocks provide residential proxies that are classified. You can either use their residence IPs which you can share with other users or use the exclusive plan and they will dedicate some of their residential IPs for you to use.

While their residential proxies are enough to get the work done, their exclusive proxies are of high quality. You can stay more reliable and stable since it’s you alone that makes use of it. However, because you will enjoy more quality in their exclusive plan, expect to pay more for it. The exclusive plan provides more quality and hence is priced a bit higher.

Scraping Performance

Web scraping and crawling are some of the most popular uses of residential proxies. In the web scraping, Rsocks were just functional. It was outperformed by other major proxy providers. We sent 300 concurrent connections to 10 daily used websites that cut across search engines, social media sites, and shopping websites.

It has a success rate of 76%, which can be considered good enough. One of the interesting facts was that the connection errors were not a denial of service. Good quality captcha solvers can reduce connection errors.

Proxy Speed


Response Time

How many minutes will it take a request sent through Rsocks proxies to get through and a response received? To find this out, we had to consider their proxies for our test.

Rsocks delivered an acceptable proxy speed of an average response time of 5.4 seconds. The results were not just acceptable but quite good, considering the fact that they are residential IP addresses.

Proxy Connection Speed

What size of data is transmitted per unit of time?
This is determined by measuring proxy connection speed. In our tests, Rsocks performed decently in this regard with an average download speed of 29 Mbps. However, it goes contrary to what’s claimed on their website – they are the fastest!

Average Ping: 86ms
Average Download: 29.46 Mbps
Average Upload: 25.32 Mbps

Customer Support

They are very good at delivering a great customer support experience, even better than big companies in the industry with a major chunk of the user base. There are very few companies that provide great customer service as Rsocks provides.

You can contact them via email, and they respond faster. They also have an excellent FAQ page that provides answers to some of the commonly asked questions.

Their response time on chat support is also fantastic. The agents generally remain online and respond to your questions faster with reliable solutions. In our tests, they responded in under 2 minutes.

Easy to Use

In the user experience, they provide a great service while integrating their proxies and support into your system. Their dashboard is clean, easy on the eye, and has kept minimal design. This then means that getting stranded along the way is rare. This, along with the fact that you are assigned an account manager, makes things convenient for you.

Rsocks Disadvantages

No Session Control Feature

Their session control feature is only acceptable and doesn’t provide an excellent experience. This is because Rsocks residential proxies are rotating proxies, and they change by themselves after every 5 minutes. This means that you have to wait 5 minutes for rotation of proxies which is very much less when compared to market leaders like Bright Data.

Limited Location Coverage & Limited IP Pool

When it comes to their shared data center proxies, they have servers in most countries in the world. However, in terms of their residential proxies, they have only fewer options available.

As per the information from their dashboard, only 5 countries are available – the United States, Russia, China, Vietnam, and Europe-based proxies. Geo-targeting is highly limited because there are fewer options available. They do not have support for city proxies and do not have support for ASN-based geo-targeting.

Their residential IP pool is not as huge as other major residential providers. They have about 150,000 residential IPs in their pool. One may say that this number is enough for many proxies usage cases. But in an industry where other providers are providing over a million proxies with some having over 30 million in their pool, 150,000 is a tiny droplet.

Their proxies get blocked sometimes because their IP pool is limited.

Unsatisfactory Free Trial

The free trial in the residential proxy market is not generous. It’s better to not offer a trial at all than to offer one that is so short that people finish it and do not know if they are satisfied with the experience. A free trial can be requested from customer support, but the length you’re given is disappointingly short.

Strict Refund Policy

In some cases, customers are not eligible for a refund. In others, they have to contact support within 24 hours. If you have spent less than 20 MB in the first 24 hours of activating your plan and you have reported it to support within 24 hours, you will be eligible for a refund.

Final Verdict

All the products in the market come with some pros and cons, and Rsocks is no different. It also comes with some strengths and some weak points.

Rsocks is a product I would recommend. It has some flaws, but the benefits outweigh them. Its residential proxies work well and come at a good speed. You can also change the pricing depending on your needs. Customer support is very helpful and quick which makes Rsocks a good choice for residential proxies.